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Bio-Rep Media, the educational division of Bio-Rep, Inc, is a publishing and digital media company that aims to bring the world authoritative and innovative coverage on emerging fields of medical and health sciences.  We specialize in developing visual and 3D films that bring molecules to life, creating interactive digital media and apps that bring cells to the reach of your fingertips, and publishing textbooks that take you on a visual journey through the human body. 

We've tapped into some of the greatest minds in cellular and medical sciences and worked alongside them to bring their understanding of molecular chemistry and biology to the forefront.

I believe that scientific research should prevail like child's innocence; with a virtue to admit ignorance and enthusiasm to raise questions. Scientific curiosity therefore, is an instinctive evolution of three consequential phases leading to a belief system (i) Trust, instituted by the body of information collected through academic pursuit (ii) Experience, attained through a calendar of events that imparts us with the patience to observe and face ignorance; and (iii) Understanding, which needs a logical mind trained to process available data and interpret the unknown.  
AS Naidu, REDOX LIFE (A Bio-Rep Media Publication, August 2013) 

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Bio-Rep Media also provides graphic design, film, and and publishing services to companies and authors that do innovative work in the health sciences. Contact us for more information.